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These Go To Eleven

In the dial-up days when I was just a noob, I ran across a piece of internet banality, listing several individual lines from the Star Wars trilogy, wherein a single word was replaced with the word “pants,” frequently yielding vastly superior results (you listening, Lucas? Next time you change it, add an optional “pants” dub).

Today, at work, while contemplating a playlist for Nigel Tufnel Day (there’s a good chance that link won’t work by the time you get to it), it occurred to me that the same can be done with song titles and lyrics. Here’s what I came up with:

The Clash — Pantsdown

London Pantsing

Excerpt from the lyrics:

But lately one or two has fully paid their due
Working with their pants down
Hut! Git-a-long-git-a-long

2) AC/DC — Back in Pants

…something devoutly to be wished for anyone who’s seen Angus Young lately.

3) Megadeth — Rust in Pants

I was strongly tempted to go with “Pants Sell… But Who’s Buying?”

4) Guns and Roses — Rocket Pants

… a side-effect that kicks in a few hours after satisfying your appetite for destruction.

5) Iron Maiden — The Number of the Pants

6) Led Zeppelin — The Pants Remain the Same

Now really I’m sure I could do a dozen just from this band alone. Custard Pants, When the Pants Break, Babe I’m Gonna Pants You, Pants For One, Achilles’ Last Pants… etc

7) The Beatles — Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Pants

One of the Best Beatles song to blast at eleven.

8 ) Dream Theater — The Pants of Eternity

9) Black Sabbath — Iron Pants

10) The Rolling Stones — Get Off of My Pants

11) Rush — A Farewell to Pants

Check out to the cover to their next album and it becomes apparent they took it literally.

What did you blast at eleven yesterday? What state were your pants in at the time? Let me know in the comments.